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Embark on a dangerous and difficult path to victory, where you will meet hundreds of enemies on the way, and in the end the strongest of them will wait.

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Among the features of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition are the following points: lack of advertising, which is a huge plus, because rare game developers can boast of it today; a new chapter in the story revealing Sensei's mysterious past; abandonment of the energy storage system, allowing you to play as much time as the player wants; high-class graphics, which, in combination with a well-developed style of the game, significantly distinguish it from all applications of this genre; a lightweight system for obtaining rubies, which makes the purchase and modernization of weapons even faster and more enjoyable; as many as seven amazing provinces, paving the way for the greatest war on Titan; excellent optimization for most modern gadgets.

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Unpack the archive with the mod• 16 android, shadow fight 2 1.

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Compared to the regular version, much is simplified here to allow the player not to spend too much time to extract game currency, but to immediately break into battle.

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Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition is a new part of one of the best fighting games among modern mobile applications.

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The game Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition will appeal to all fans of good virtual fights.

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Here you will have to not only fight with opponents, but also develop your character by acquiring weapons and equipment, increasing his parameters and improving skills to gain new abilities.

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Hacked download Shadow Fighting 2 mod for a lot of money and Shadow Fight 2 MOD, much money — a beautiful fighting game for android devices.

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Shadow Fight 2 Mod v 1.