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6 The best yuri anime of the decade is by far the sweet, beautifully genuine and earnest love story of Yuu Koito and Touko Nanami in Bloom Into You.

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theyre just so lovey dovey when theyre together and ofc they have a daughter together! With her easy-going nature, she thought she would adjust soon.

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Should I tell you how sexy I found the flirty, oh so confident lady-killer, Shizuma? Some of them are quite new, and others are old.

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The story is about a vampire girl called Mari, who hates drinking blood and instead finds out that sperm also serves as a substitute for vitality.

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Just be sure to keep watching until AFTER the credits of the final episode! nanoha series good old nanoha, i thought of putting this higher but after giving it some thought i put it in number 6 since my top 5 well i just love so much, but that doesnt mean i dont love nanoha any less, nanoha did so much for me, it was one of the mahou shoujo animes to make me fall in love with the genre next to ofc sailor moon but also made me fall in love with mizuki nana and tamura yukari, and ofc nanofate! It was popularised by its cult followers.

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Like other hentai websites, it has English subtitles for non-Japanese speakers.

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After she loses her grandma, she finds a job at a newspaper agency.

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It ensures the accessibility of videos.

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Lucky for Hiroe, her housemate and landlady are more than willing to help her with her issue.