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My wife wants me to have an affair with her best friend. What shall I do?

In the early days blacks believed they could do any and everything better than white people.

Vacation mishap

Before I tell you what happened, let me inform you of my relationship, I been with my man who we'll call Paul for 8 years, I have forgiven him for not telling me he had a son, I have been there emotionally and specially financially through his gambling addiction and constant job hopping, back in February we had a relationship ending fight after they froze ome of our accounts due to his child supp.

The Real Reason White Women Are With Black Men

Pamela Stephenson Connolly is a US-based psychotherapist who specialises in treating sexual disorders.

I'm Married 1 Year A Go My Wife Slept With 2 Black Guys I'm Very Jalouz Now...

they can kiss my a s s!! What boundaries should be set? Would it be wise to talk about it with her? at first i couldn't bring a man home for her often enough.

Black Women


The Real Reason White Women Are With Black Men

What about people who make porn? Every time I see her face now, I see the black guy having sex with her.

Vacation mishap

People can become very good at being parents, at their jobs etc but where is the time for you as individuals? The strange part is that when black women see a black man with a white woman or a non black Woman…these Black women get outraged.

I cheated on my husband

That being so America would have been a safer place to live.

My wife wants a lover. How can I help her find one?

I know this is a racist thought, and after analyzing my thoughts, I find that I may be a racist after all, but I am finding it impossible to change how I am feeling towards the situation and towards her.

I was happy sleeping with other men to please my husband, but he doesn't want me to anymore.

How am i doing so far! Cher just happened to be playing when it happened.